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A Guide to Self Discovery & Fulfillment

Here you will find simple and clear guidance to move forward in your journey to fulfillment. If you are someone that feels unfulfilled or stuck, this guide offers methods to move through blocks, including visioning meditation and a key Yoga posture. Visioning within Yoga practice is a powerful method of breaking through blocks that are holding you back from fulfillment. So, continue forward, my friend, your fulfillment, your purpose, is waiting for you.


In this guide mountain pose, or Tadasana, is used with a visioning meditation to move you through blocks along your journey.

Typically, blocks come from our fears of change, and often, finding fulfillment calls for changes, some small and some big.

As we confront these blocks it's important to have tools to continue so that we don't abandon the path to self-discovery and settle for less than we deserve.